Well, I will rest up tonight and early Saturday morning will be the surgery. I am ready for the pain continues to worsen.

Josue is getting his office together as he is taking all of Tony’s responsibilities along with Minor who will assist him.

Dottie and I are to be at the hospital at 8pm and the surgery early the next day.

The courts are sending so many children home that Walt & Randi only have 11 boys in their dorm.


Vashti was a queen with modesty and self-respect. She refused to yield to the evil demands of her husband. Often times women believe that to submit to a husband is absolute but Vashti teaches us that submitting to sin is not God’s way.

Xerxes wanted to show her off in an immoral way. She refused. This took an amazing amount of courage. She sacrificed a kingdom rather than subjugate herself to sin. Since her disobedience was public the king had Vashti removed as queen.

She went from rage to riches; from honor to dishonor and was made an example to all husbands that their wives would pay a high cost for embarrassing them. The Bible says that when Xerxes awakened from his drunkenness he missed her but he had already made the decision. He lost the best thing he had. Many people in divorce wake up too late and see what they have lost.

Vashti refused to go along with the crowd. Her character was more important to her than her riches and prestige. She refused to cave in to peer pressure. What is amazing to me is she made no appeal to her husband to “take her back”.