Well the surgery is scheduled for early Saturday morning so I will not be writing an update for a few days. Just keep praying for me that I can recover quickly. I will send this one early.


Flavel wrote, “They that know God will be humble; they that know themselves cannot be proud”.

As I approach the surgery on my back for a second time it is imperative that I consider my age and the condition of my body. God has blessed me with a long live and I actually have had excellent health over these nearly 75 years. The first surgery on my back was the only surgery I had had since tonsillitis when I was a child.

Age gets us to contemplate what we have done, are doing and will do. There are always going to be regrets. I suppose the greatest regrets I have are those associated with how I have treated people. There are so many instances of which I wish I could redo. Harming others with my words is my greatest regrets. Once words go out from my mouth the damage is done.

As I enter surgery Saturday morning I ask that everyone I have offended would forgive me.

As Flavel said above I really have nothing to be proud about within myself. All that I am and everything that has been accomplished at Casa over the 28 years has been the work of God. I am not talented or gifted. I am but an instrument that God uses for His own glory. We all are but tools welded by God to accomplish His will. Nothing else in life will really matters.