Now that I AM OLD headed

The children came by dorms and I got to hug every child.

Having a physician on staff if great. She is cleaning my surgical area.


Carved into my new pulpit is Psalm 71:18 “Now also when I am old and grey-headed do not forsake me until I have showed thy strength unto this generation and thy power to everyone that is to come”. We are never too old.

When Jesus was presented in the temple two elderly folks, Simeon and Anna, were there to pray over him & she prophesized. In Luke 2:36-37 it says that Anna had a great age. Either she was 84 years old or widowed for 84 years but at any rate she was elderly.

The Bible said that she did not depart the temple. She was not a talebearer or an idler roaming from house to house. She stayed in the temple awaiting Jesus.

As an elderly woman she lived for the Lord and served others. She had purpose in her life. She did not let the death of her husband steal her life’s usefulness.

She did not keep the good news to herself. She was telling the good news. Age is no excuse for her widowhood at an early age. What is it like to be aged and still serving God?
I hope all of us can find out!