This group of girls have been perfect. They swam for hours and then shopped until supper. Swam some more and then went to their rooms. They are a joy. This is an experience they will remember for years.

If you would like to have us in February or March please contact Debbie.


Miriam was the older sister of Moses and Aaron. She is presented to us when Moses was placed in the Nile in a basket. She was obedient to her mother & faithfully watched over Moses. Until the crossing of the Red Sea we do not even know her name.

After the crossing of the Red Sea she becomes the first woman music leader when she directs the women in singing and praising God. Exodus 15:20 sys, “All the woman went after her” so she was a leader as was her brothers.

But in the wilderness she got jealous of Moses and followed her brother, Aaron, in rebellion against Moses. She was stricken with leprosy. Moses prayed and she was healed.

Moses had the sin of anger whereas Aarom had the sin of rebellion and Miriam had the sin of jealousy. None of the three would enter the promised land.Her life warns us to beware of disloyalty and of a bad attitude toward authority. Sowing discord brings repercussions’ from God. Although her life ended sadly, she did show loyalty, devotion and service to her mother, her brother and God Himself.

She never married. What greater joy is there than being totally committed to the Lord and His work?

We can start out great, run into snags, and finish the work. Do not quit because you messed up!

Another woman that God used was the prophetess, Deborah, who was the 4th judge of Israel. She was a motivator and people flocked to hear her prophesy. They wanted to know what God was saying.

Deborah listened to the cries of the people and she became agitated with their lack of action and despair. She hears God say they are to go to battle even outnumbered 100,000 to 10,000.