Marital keys

Dottie has done a wonderful job nursing me. All the holiday visitors have left though we will have folks over the Christmas holidays. Work teams!

Walt and Randi will be updating to inform you that the Lord has moved on their hearts to take an up-front position on the dialysis ministry. It is something they have been interested in doing since Walt’s first trip to Casa. He will liaison with Dr. Lou, coordinate projects for work teams and stay on top of costs. He feels a pull on his heart to get the project back on track. Finance are poor everywhere but God is to still on the throne.

Walt’s new email address is

We only have a few weeks before we have to make major decisions concerning Vencedores and that age group of boys. I know that we cannot move by circumstances, we must move by faith. So I am asking everyone to pray for this great need.

Rubin left CASA following graduation in 2003 and went to Cleveland, Tn. Today after visiting his mother he dropped by to pray for me. He is successful in marriage, business and is a precious son to me.



I read a lot of Christian books on marriage. Recently I read Jeff Herrings ideas about having a healthy marriage. He gives 7 keys:

  1. Not just the commitment to stay married but being committed to the growth of your spouse as well as having their best interests in mind. Dottie dropped out of college to help me get my degrees. She also put me first and because of it she has realized the great education she has received by following Christ and studying His Word.
  2. “Let’s try it your way” should be one of the sentences you use with your spouse. Do not be so bullheaded in marriage that you are threatened by the wisdom of your spouse. This is not my marriage. It is our marriage.
  3. Nearly every couple on earth will struggle with good, open and positive communication. If yu cannot discuss your own thoughts and opinions then the marriage is headed for a wreck.
  4. Meeting emotional needs. The longer we have lived together the more Dottie and I have discovered how each of us tick. She knows my reactions to situations before they even occur. We can read each other like a book. This is from years of communication(good and bad).

To be continue!