Make a difference

Lee used a kite to teach his boys about the scapegoat used by God to take away our sins. They wrote their sins on a kite and sent it off into the sky. Great object lesson!

Dottie & I went and bought the food for when the Quinceaneras go to the hotel.

Amilcar, raised here, came to pray for me & tell me that he was now a deacon in his church. I am so proud of him. He came to pray for me.

Chad & Abbie leave early next week. Please pray for new house parents.

The boys flying the kiteSwindoll said that people who make a difference have initiative. That means they do not have to be prodded into moving. They are self-starters. They have vision meaning they see beyond the obvious and claim new objectives. Some people only see what is right before them. People with vision have always made a difference.

People who make a difference are unselfish. They do not have to be #1 neither do they have to be in control. They can share the glory. They understand the value of teamwork. They make a point of encouraging, involving and supporters. I love it when people visit for the first time & do not know me. I can hide amongst the crowd and just be me.

People who make a difference are faithful by hanging in there regardless. They are enthusiastic bringing excitement to the job at hand. They are not sticks in the mud. They are self-disciplined modeling good character and a stick-to-it attitude.

People who make a difference are confident. They bring security and determination to the work at hand.

Do you make a difference?