Love your children

Chad & Abby left today but will only be a few miles from us. He will help us out should we need his expertise. We will miss them. They were wonderful house parents.

The Bible Society came and had a hot dog party to conclude their ministry to the children over the last month. The children have truly enjoyed this special Bible time.

Jeremy arrived on a fact-finding trip for his team that will come in December.

Dottie altered the dresses and began made the bows for the quinceaneras.Gladys helped her.

a new granddaughter


Billy Graham is probably the man I have most admired throughout my life. My father-in-law is a close second. Graham spoke on so many subjects in his 70 plus years of ministry but what he says about the family always blessed me.

Once he taught on how to love your children and it has been a blessing to me to think on over the years.

  1. Take time with your children. Parents can get so busy that they spend very little time with the ones God has entrusted to them. Eat tighter and have conversations.
  2. Set your children a good example. You are whom they should emulate. Present them with love and a listening ear. Do not tell them about church, take them there­­!
  3. Give your children ideals for living. Go through the lists of words that can literally change their lives such as honesty, politeness, charitable and the like.
  4. Plan activities. Every couple should do things with their children that are simply done for fun. Do not sit in front of a TV and call that family time.
  5. Discipline your children. If you do not discipline your child it means you do not love them. Set limits and give goals!
  6. Teach them about God. How foolish it is for parents to never tell their kids about Christ. You should be the one to lead them to Jesus. Do not rely on SS teachers or pastors to get the joy of seeing them come to Christ.