Our son, Tony, moved today after being part of Casa for over 11 years. Dottie & I will miss him.

Tim Doud and a group of folks from Indiana raised money and brought tennis shoes, backpacks, socks and school supplies.



Davis gives us a list of items that will help us to lighten up.

  1. Do not take yourself so seriously. Life is too short to be uptight all the time about your appearance or social status, etc.
  2. Thank God for the little things. It is easy to thank Him for the large blessings but we need to realize the little things also. A short line in the grocery store or a parking space or even a moment to sit and take a load off!
  3. Help other people. There is nothing that will help you lighten up like looking for ways that you can find to help other people. Giving is living!
  4. Choose joy. You do not have to be grumpy. Life is more than having to be entertained. It is so much fun to see what gives you joy and concentrate on it.
  5. Look for the silver lining. I have had my share of problems, pressures and disappointments so it is imperative to me to grab the good in whatever I am waking through. Children leave but I have the joy of knowing that they left having heard God’s Word and had an opportunity for salvation.
  6. Add humor to your conflicts and difficulties. Laugh at yourself.
  7. Do not base happiness on your outward circumstances .
  8. Do not try to be perfect. Celebrate your shortcomings.
  9. Do not be easily offended. Don’t think so highly of yourself.
  10. Laugh every chance you get. Dottie could have married a number of different guys who were smarter and more handsome than me but when I asked her why she chose me she answered, “You make me laugh”. Fifty-four years together and we are still laughing.