The doctor removed my staples in my back and I immediately felt better.

To be clear about dialysis. Arolodo is the director of the program and will continue to serve as so. He will work closely with Walt but everyone needs to understand that Aroldo is in charge of the dialysis mission.


Ideas for a happy marriage

  1. Commitment
  2. Teamwork
  3. Communication
  4. Meeting emotional needs
  5. Resolving conflict. There times in our marriage we did exactly the opposite of what the Word says. We went to bed angry. The saddest part of that is that the problems were still there in the morning. Conflict in marriage is inevitable. Fighting is optional.
  6. Apology and forgiveness. These two are extremely difficult for some couples and more so in the husband. The battle may be over but the emotional scars are still apparent. There are three “A’s” of successful relationships:

Apologize for something from the past.

Appreciate something from the present.

Anticipate something in the future.


  1. Creating a relationship vision. Ask yourself this question. ”If we knew we couldn’t fail and we could design our relationship any way we wanted it, how would we want it to be?


As Dottie and I age we talk very often about the future. Of course I want to preach and share the story of Casa as long as I am mentally and physically able. We have a goal of living out our time as grandparents in Casa and Louisiana and to leave this world healthy and of sound mind.