The girls gave us no problems so it was a good trip. Now I prepare for surgery.

Today was human rights day so there were many activities to celebrate.

Debbie, my secretsry, and Lucy are here from Lake Charles.

Playing games for this special holiday day

Abigail was a housewife married to a horrible man, Nabal. She will later become a queen when she marries David. The Bible said that she was a woman of great understanding meaning the she was wise.

David had been very kind to Nabal and had protected him and his shepherds. David was fleeing with 600 men when he sent 10 of them to get provisions from Nabal. Nabal refused!

Abigail heard that David was coming with his men to kill Nabal. She had no time to call friends or anything else except grab some provisions and run to meet David’s army with the plea that David would spare Nabal.

She approaches David and falls to the ground as an act of submission. She now begins to intercede for here husband. She even said that she would take the sin of her husband upon herself.

She acknowledges who David is and asks him not to smudge his own good name by killing Nabal. What a difference the right approach makes. I would have been more like David with anger and a desire for revenge in my heart.

Nabal got drunk and awoken the next day only to die ten days later. When David heard of Nabal’s death he praised God that he had not sinned. He will marry Abigail.

Self-control and tongue-control are two of the mightiest weapons God wants us to use.Abigail