The government officials made worthy opponents but our boys won 13-2. The judge said it was because of an earth tremor during the game. She was impressed with Casa. She stayed 2 hours.

Soccer game versus the government officials

Over the years I have had to speak to thousands of children as well as ministry to many people. I am not a great communicator so I have always tried to keep it simple.

Years ago I preached in a church and when I finished most of the congregation fled for the exitsI thought that what I said touched no one. But I felt a tug at my pants and there before me was a little 6 year old who looked at me and said “You are the only preacher I have ever understood. I promised then my sermons would always be where the youngest person in the room could understand.

So I use the LADDER method.

L= Look at the people I am speaking to. Make eye contact.

A= Ask questions. I always try to have a Q & A time.

D= Don’t interrupt. It is rude. Let them get their feelings all out.

D= Don’t change the subject. Stay on track with the message or point.

E= Empathize. People are hurting and you can do something about it.

R= Respond both verbally and nonverbally. Sometimes a hug is the best word.