We went and brought the medical reports to our physician and the traffic was horrible. There was a huge accident and the bicycle races were on so some lanes were blocked.

Josue’ has been working with Tony to be bale to take over Tony’s jobs when Tony leaves. They seem to be getting it done. It sure was a lot of information.

Me and three of my grandchildren


  1. Ministries need more people who want to improve and not those who disapprove. Our staff always needs to be looking at ways that we can improve production. Giving more love, time and energy.
  2. Ministries need more doers and fewer talkers. I have always wondered about people who visit Casa and say “I think you should….” But then fly back to the states expecting that with our limited staff we can just go with their new plan. Do not talk to me, roll up your sleeves and get to work.
  3. Ministries need more people to say “it can be done” and fewer people saying
    It’s impossible”. If God tells you to do something then nothing can stop it.
  4. Ministries need more people inspiring them and less people throwing cold water. If you do not want to help that is ok but please do not be critical and hinder what others re trying to do.
  5. Ministries need more people to get into the thick of things and fewer to sit on the sidelines. We have had some awesome teams come to Casa. By far the majority of them want to help us. They want to make an improvement before they leave. A mission trip is not about comfort it is about doing whatever is necessary to help the children.
  6. Ministries need more people to point out what is right and fewer people to point out what is wrong. Oh, how easy it is to be critical and complain. How wonderful it is to get a slap on the back and a “well done” from others.
  7. Ministries need more people to light a candle and fewer people to curse the darkness. If you go on a mission trip make sure you will bring light into the situation. Gloomy Guses need to stay home.