You do not need words

The latest governmental agents who came were more understanding that you will never be able to send every child back to their families. This is a positive step as so many children do not have a safe place to go. They need homes like ours.

We were told by the government we can post fotos of 18 years old on my update so we will do so.

Thom, Shawna & I went over the staff & what they would like to accomplish while our Thom our chairman is here. We walked through the dialysis building & Thom was able to give me ideas as to what we can continue to do that will not be so expensive. He said that Noah began building an ark 100 years before there was water so maybe I need to keep doing what I can do as I know God called me to build a dialysis building.

It has rained her for days and the weather is very cold.

A team is here and has begun decorating our elementary school.

Emmanuel helps Dottie with the garden

Who was the Holy Spirit referring to in Hebrews 11:4 “By faith he still speaks, even though he is dead.” It is Abel the 2nd son of Adam and Eve. (Genesis 4:1-12) Wilson says it is remarkable this is written by a man of whom not a single word did he speak that is recorded in the Bible.

He did not speak a word but he obeyed. It is written that he brought an offering to the Lord. We speak volumes when we obey whatever God tells us is our duty.

He did not speak a word but he was in love with God. The Word says that he enjoyed pleasing God. How critical it is to not only obey but to do it eagerly and enjoyably. To just go through the motions is no true witness.

He did not speak a word but he did suffer innocently. Just as many people have died in innocence so did Abel. Children’s cancer or any other deadly disease is seemingly unfair Abel did nothing to deserve to die. His death or rather his blood speaks from the ground.

Don’t you wish everything could be made right and innocent people would not suffer. Well, that is not how the world works. But a day is coming when we will not be in this body. We will be with the Lord and our lives will have spoken to the faithful love of Jesus.

Just like Abel you can speak volumes without opening your mouth.