Walt & Randy are going to the states February 3rd until the 13th and we desperately need someone to watch their dorm. They have good assistants. Please contact us if you are willing to do this for them.

The Bible Society returned and had two hour of activities for the children.

Adela, university student, lives with us and helps with our special needs child

It is said that a well- known evangelist was once preaching in Chicago on the first day of a series of Gospel meetings. At the end of the sermon, he felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to give people an opportunity to invite Jesus into their hearts. However, since the meetings were scheduled to go on for many days, he apparently decided to make that invitation the following day. That night, the great fire of Chicago swept through the town, causing much havoc, destruction and loss of lives. As a result, the evangelist decided that he would never again close a Gospel message without giving people an opportunity to invite Christ into their hearts and to receive His salvation and eternal life.

Jesus tells us that we are not promised tomorrow. Yet so many of us, including me, live in thinking about tomorrow. Not only can I not control tomorrow but there is plenty of trouble to deal with today.

I have to believe that God will meet tomorrow’s needs!