I took an electrocardiogram, a bone density test and a number of other examinations for the surgery. Will get the results this afternoon.

I began working on the end of the month finances in case the surgery is moved up.

The children are having intermural competitions now that school is out.

Picked up the lab & other examination and all is well for the surgery.

Ezdras mother, an epilyptic, fell. Please pray for her. His dad has diabetes.

After pastoring for years an then being here in Guatemala with the home for children and all the responsibilities of managing a church and now Casa I look for things to help me grow.

I love to read and see what authors are thinking. Recently I picked up a book of lists and it ministered to me. For instance did you know there are six ways to bury a good idea?

  1. “It will never work”. All the years I have been at Casa has taught me that God will do the impossible. Believing that it cannot work is a slap in God’s face.
  2. “We have never done it that way before”. God does not change but the world certainly does. We have had to adjust to ever changing laws and a population of children that is getting older all of the time. We have had to learn to do things in a new way.
  3. “We are doing fine without it.” God has been so good to me but I am slumping in the saddle. The division of responsibilities has caused us to add new programs and do things in a different manner.
  4. “We cannot afford it”. God never tells anyone to do something that He is not willing to fund. Stepping out on the water means that you trust He will build a bridge has you walk in faith.
  5. We are not ready for it.” I had a slight struggle when I turned 70 as I was thinking of the future of Casa. Once God gave me names such as Josue’, Sebastian, Alex, Analy, Billy ,Ezdras and others I was able to calm my spirit and handle the transition. Fours years later I have such a peace.
  6. “It is not our responsibility.” There is no doubt but that most people do not want to be accountable. They prefer others to do it. But when God speaks to your heart it is not to tell someone else to do it. He is talking to you.