Thom Spignor is our new chairman; Wes Hall is the new secretary & Andy Nixon is our new project executive.

We shared with Northside Assembly in Crowley. They have been co-laborers with Casa since 1989. It was Mission Miraacle Sunday so it was an honor they asked me to preach.

Melvin said “Pray for His purpose and not your needs” and it opened my eyes to what is most important.


What does it cost to not be a Christian? A woman when witnessed to about Jesus, salvation and eternity replied “Stop. You make me think and I hate to think”. What does it cost you to not think about your eternal destination?

These are just some things it costs to not be a Christian. I am not willing to pay that cost. I do not want to sacrifice my peace and assurance of eternal life. By accepting Christ as my Savior I have allowed Him to pay all costs.