Now that school is out for the year we have the duty of keeping the children occupied. This is always a task.

Drs. Don & Jim finished the optometrist clinic. Soemone ran intothe back of Sebastian’s car.


Genesis 13:7 “Their great substance led to strife”. Abraham and Lot had it made. They were both wealthy. But there was a problem. Their wealth increased and led to strife as they both needed land. Prosperity leads to a need for more.

Their strife let to separation as seen in Genesis 13:9. Abraham shows his personal magnitude when he tells Lot there should not be friction. Remember it was Abraham who was called by God and not Lot. But Abraham was willing to be generous and humble.

Abraham said “We be brethren”> He recognizes their personal relationship and is will to treat Lot as a near relative. Kinship should produce love. So Abraham offers a solution. “If you go thy right hand I will go to the left”.

Abraham did not fight for nor demand his rights. He was willing to take less in order to have peace in the family. The way we react to choices can either build our faith or damage it. Abraham will be blessed in the hills more than Lot in the valley. When Sodom falls Lot will not have his “things”.

Right choices dictate your direction in life.