We returned home to horrible news. The judge sent Juan Carlos & his siblings back home to the family. I am heart-broken. Cindy 1 stays because there is a team of specialist who will try a new process for a catheter. We hired a new social worker, Edna, while I was gone.

The Bible Society of Guatemala wants to come and share the Word for 5 days and then give every child a new Bible.

Tomorrow will be an academic Olympic & the winner in each grade in math and language will compete against other schools.


Brian & Cindy’s eddingWe go from counting it all joy to knowing that the testing of our faith produces patience to LETTING patience have its perfect work. Now we go to James 1:4. You and I have to truly allow patience to work in our lives.

I always want my trial to get over as quickly as possible. But God knows there are times the best thing for us is to bear up under the load of a trial. I have to endure. Even in a trial I must continue to do His will.

The perfect work does not mean sinless but rather it means completeness. We need to reach spiritual manhood and understanding of spiritual truths. Maturity takes patience and time. Teens always are anxious to drive or anxious to date. But it takes time to mature. They need to be patient.

If we wish to run the race well spiritually speaking we need to develop patience. It only comes through training. We have to resist the urge to take short cuts. Our faith will be tested.

(Stay tuned)