Billy Graham

I have had severe pain for a fw months so today I went to my doctor who informed me that one of the titanium rods placed in my back 3 years ago has broken. I need the same surgery again.

The team is working hard and will have most of the bathroom done.


Billy Graham wrote this in 1965. “This is the generation that will pass through the fire. It is the generation under the gun. This is the tormented generation. This is the generation destined to live in the midst of crisis, danger, fear, and death.

We are the people under the sentence of death waiting for the date to be set. We sense that something is about to happen. We know that things cannot go as they are. History has reached an impasse. We are now on a collision course. Something is about to give”.

If you were a young adult in 1965 did you thing that things could get worst? Violence has risen as high as the days of Babylon. Natural disasters have come in triplicate. The economy has been on a roller coaster. Divorce, child abuse and abandonment have sky rocketed.

Wars are fought not on battlefields but in the streets of the cities.

But as Billy always said “It is not hopeless”. Hope is the medicine we need to be using. God’s children are a mighty force when we pray.