The container arrived at 2:55 and was unloaded and all materials brought to their correct locations in less than 40 minutes.

The Regional Academic Olympics was held today and 37 of our children qualified. Monday they will see who moves on to state competition.

UnloadedI Kings 2:7 says, “Show kindness to the sons of Barzillai…they stood by me”.

Our real friends will show up in times of troubles, sadness or pressures. As long as there are no troubles you will have ‘friends’. When my brother would have money he would “buy a round” of drinks for those in the bar. He had many friends who would gather around him and accept the booze.

But he noticed (and told me) that when he was broke he had few friends. One night he sat on the bed and took his own life.

Absalom had rebelled against his father, David, who barely was able to escape with his life. ‘Friends’ of David jumped ship in every direction and headed towards Absalom and the winning side.

But not Barzillai! He took clothes and food to David and his men. Later when restored to the throne David wanted to reward Barzillai but he refused. He was 80 years old and wanted to stay where he was rather than be in the court of David. But David would remember and the sons of Barzillai were rewarded.

So many people have given me help throughout my life. They did not substitute for God but they reminded me that God was there providing for me.