anchored in hope

Surgery will be November 17th.

It was very cold but the discipleship team did a great job with the teenage girls.



True patience is anchored in hope. It is the hope of the return of Jesus to take us to our eternal home. Vauvenargues said that patience is the art of hoping. I believe that he is correct. I am hoping for the eternal home that awaits the children of God.

Bulwer said there is one form of hope that is never unwise and which certainly does not diminish with the increase of knowledge. In that form it changes it’s name and we call it patience”.

God does not forget our works done in His Name. Patience is not a desperate waiting in doubt but hopeful waiting in confidence. (DeHaan)

Patience is listed as longsuffering in Galatians as one of the fruits of the Spirit. In Romans 12:9-16 patience is listed with many other Christian attributes and says we should be patient in tribulation. James 1 tells us that we should know that the trying of our faith produces patience and that we are to let patience have it’s perfect work.

Bestavros wrote that “Patience with others is love. Patience with self is hope. Patience with God is faith”.