an aspect of love

The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful van to take children to court. The children and staff encircled the van and we prayed for protection every time it is uses. Now we need a smaller one for dialysis. We are so appreciative to the one who made this possible.

All of the winners in the competitions in the school went swimming and it is cold.

Jose’ came to get the money for the last of 4 churches we will have built in 2017. God is good!


Gathering for prayer for the trip

Patience is an aspect of love built on perseverance & endurance so it is an essential virtue for living in this fallen world. You endure when there is a negative in your life. You persevere when there are challenges.

Noah is a great example of patience & impatience. He worked 120 years to build one boat in the midst of a horribly sinful generation. Abraham and Sarah persevered trough many childless years to inherit the promised child. They did have a bump in their patience & it cost them dearly. His name was Ishmael.

Moses likewise had patience and impatience. He kept his faith and obeyed God most of the time. But when he lost his cool and hit the rock his lack of patience cost him the Promised Land.

David wrote in Psalm 40 “I waited patiently for the Lord and He inclined to me and heard my prayer”. Patience is not just needed when there are terribly difficult times. Patience is a practical everyday virtue. Walt & Randi as well as Lee & Candy have some difficult young boys who most of the time are pretty well behaved. But the daily routine with that many little boys in your care calls for heavy doses of patience as they learn and relearn how to be well behaved.