Dr. Hines arrived last night & brought an optometrist to set up our new eye clinic.

Gladys and I worked on the list of 15 year old girls for their necklaces. We can make better decisions as to what will happen as soon as I hear from my physician tomorrow as to when the surgery will be.


Luke 17:18 “Was no one found to return and give thanks and praise to God but this one foreigner’”

There were 10 men afflicted with leprosy who came to Jesus and He healed them. But only one returned to thank Him. They had actually begged Jesus to heal them. Jesus was moved with compassion and gave them their request.

But only one showed gratitude. He was not Jewish. He was a half-breed Samaritan. The other 9 must have felt superior to the Samaritan and also felt entitiled to their healing. Somehow they felt they “deserved” it.

They were so caught up in the healing that they forgot the Source. The Samaritan returned and gave thanks to God. Jesus said “Your faith has made you whole”

implying that he was healed both physically an spiritually.

Being familiar with God is not necessarily being intimate with Him.