You have something to give

Quique hurt himself in a soccer game so he was taken to the hospital.

The finances are low due to the increase of the cost of food and the low dollar. Pray for Quique & our finances.

It was announced today that I-10 will open today. God is so good!

Gladys will stay in our house & watch Michelle & the boys who live with us.

Jeny graduated and received her diploma in physical therapy.We are so proud of her.

Jeny with her diploma

Amy Carmichael said that we can give without loving but we cannot ever love without giving. Jesus tells us we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. The Good Samaritan not only bound up the wounds of the man on the side of the road He also gave money to the innkeeper to pay for the wounded man’s future care.

We all have something to give. Do not let the devil tell you that you have nothing of value that God can use. It is easy to do! Start where you are and volunteer to help a shut in or help a ministry that is reaching outside of its walls to help the poor. Open a door for an elderly person. Visit a sick person. Just be kind!

My most favorite thought about this subject is the story of the woman pouring the perfume on Jesus. When pressed by the disciples to condemn her Jesus replied, “She did what she can do”.

You cannot reach the entire world but you can do what you can do. For instance I have never had anyone say that they wanted to sponsor every child at Casa. They sponsor one or two. They simply do what they can do.