The almost Christian

The judge ruled we have to raise our fence two feet on one side of the property.

Walt received a new boy.

Dottie & I visited with my sister, Charlotte, & family in Opelousas as well as meeting our daughters for a long visit in Lafayette.

The three hurricanes and 2 earthquakes in 4 weeks has been something I have never seen in my 74 years. There is so much Christians should be praying for.

Sunday morning we will be at Word of Life in Patterson.


Mark 12:24 “Thou are not far from the kingdom of God”. Almost a Christian is one of the saddest of all sayings in the Bible.

The almost Christian has a considerable knowledge of religion but not of Christ and His Word. The almost Christian may even have a strong conviction of sin but not enough to make him want to change or if he tries to change he cannot stay there.

The almost Christian may have a good reputation as a churchman among men. The almost Christian may be freed from sins of his past. The almost Christian may have a liking for public devotion. He goes to church and may be in the choir or on the deacon board.

The Bible warns the almost Christian. He will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven in his present state. You can be so close to the kingdom of God and yet not enter the gates to Paradise. How sad to go through life right next to the door to the kingdom and not enter in.

Lastly the Bible warns the almost Christian that his ruin will be greater than the ruin of others who never knew. The almost Christian knows what is expected from God yet refuses to walk through the door when Jesus knocks.