We took our son, Chad, out to breakfast for his 45th birthday.

Then we drove to Washington to share the ministry at Washington Baptist. They fixed a Cajun meal for us. They were so receptive to the story of Casa.



Luke 12:20 “Thou fool tonight thy soul shall be required of thee”. He was a fool because (1) while he was thinking of his gift of riches he forgot the Giver. Everything that you and I possess is on loan from God. This possess we claim as ours truly belongs to the heavenly Father. James 1:17 “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above”. I do not have anything to claim as mine and if it is not mine then I can give it freely.

(2) While thinking of himself he forgot his neighbor. It is amazing to me how many people have the resources to make a true difference where they live but what they possess actually possesses them. Hoarding is not a positive trait. It is not quantity that makes us happy. It is the giving cheerfully Jesus says.

(3) While thinking of his body he forgot his soul. The person like this man who only provides for his physical needs will be extremely disappointed at the appointed time. Possessions will not sustain your life. You can be totally satisfied by what you have in Christ. You will never be totally satisfied without Jesus.

(4) While thinking of his life he forgot his immortality. Death can come at any moment. So many men make no provision for eternity. They have little or nothing to lay down at the feet of Jesus. How is it that man insures his properties but never insures his soul?

The good man commits his soul to God.               The bad man’s soul is required of him.