My last sermon before I go to the states was on self-worth. So many of our children have a struggle with self-esteem.

Dottie had to set her boys up to work in her gardens the four weekends we are gone. Michael, Susie & Christopher, our grandchildren, came to visit. They have grown so much.

Some of the transition team spent the weekend at the beach. That is the type of togetherness they will need as we move forward.



Love always hopes. I Corinthians 13:7. Briscoe tells the story of a person who visited the Matterhorn in Switzerland only to be there on a day that fog covered the mountain. There was no way they could see what they wanted to see. But as the man walked away he did not say, “There is no Matterhorn”.

The mountain was there, they just could not see. Faith is based on hope. There are many things we are looking at that if seeing in the natural was all we had we would be sadly disappointed. Faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Hope sees through the fog to the reality beyond that fog. It is optimistic and never doubts that what God has promised is coming. We may not see it but that does not remove the fact that what we desire is truly there. It is simply not seen in the natural eyes yet.

We have to keep going. Failure to believe is not an option. We continue to walk towards the prize. I have never seen Jesus but He is near me at al times and in fact lives within my heart. I have never seen heaven but I know it will be my home for eternity.