Eternity with no fears

Josue attended an audience with a judge & after talking about the child the judge asked if his office could come & play soccer against our boys. He said that he read our update daily.

There was a surprise government inspection a week after 3 days of inspections. This particular group was very complimentary of Casa especially the food, the school and the medical ministry.

We had an excellent first day of the board meeting covering important areas.  Jessica & Thom listened in by phone while Wes, Debbie, Dottie, Andy, Malcolm, Mark & I as well as Mike Ferguson was present. Mike gave an overview that sets us up for tomorrow.

Grandchildren Isabella & Javiar


Thou fool, this night your soul shall be required of you”. (Luke 12:20) Death can be sudden regardless of our age. It can be today, tomorrow or next year but the truth is that it will come suddenly as we pass through this life.

Everything this wicked man in Luke 12 had done was now lost. He took none of it with him. In Luke 12:22 there is another dead man who finds himself in hell. Did you ever read what some famous infidels said at death?

Each of these men tell us of a facet of help and eternal separation from God. How sad when you realize how easy it is to come to Christ. You need not enter eternity with doubts or fears.”