close to heaven

On Wednesday Cindy will have another surgery to attempt at placing a catheter . She is very ill and needs your prayers.

Word of Life has supported Casa since 1989—the beginning.


II Corinthians 5:17 “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature”. What does this mean?

  1. His judgments are new. His greatest purpose is to serve God. Every other purpose in our lives becomes second to Jesus. We have no other goal than to judge everything by what Jesus said and what He taught.
  2. A new creature has all new purposes. Your purpose is to serve God. That is all you want to do. You desire to grow in Christ. Your goals are to be like Christ and to learn how to get there.
  3. Your desires are new. “Whom have I in Heaven but thee?” My goals are not what they use to be. Getting rich or famous or living comfortable are no longer important. You want enough to live on and give to others but money is no longer your desire in life. The same with fame or any other trinket the devil waves before you.
  4. Your conversation is new. As anyone knows sports dominates the conversation on men all over the world. It is as though championships are eternal. But your conversation becomes one of Christ, family, ministry and the areas that are truly important.
  5. Our actions are new. We walk in Christ. We become the body where Jesus lives and we are aware that we are representing Him every place we walk and in everything we do.

Do not get so close to heaven and have the door closed on you!