Dottie’s brother, John Wordy, drove down from Springdale to see her so we had a pleasant day with Jim & Linda.

One of the boys broke his nose playing soccer and needed surgery.

We should have a new dentist on staff by Wednesday.

Our nephew, Matt, came to see us so Dottie is seeing many of her family.

Onesey is walking with crutches so she is improving. Walt is working with her.


Traditional Mayan clothes


I am only about 5 foot seven inches yet I am made in the image of God. And so are you. The word “image” comes from the root word for carving. We were carved in the image of God in order to show forth His glory in this world.

No other creation of God has a spirit, soul and a body. We alone can reflect God’s character. We alone can have a personal relationship with God. This truth can change your life. By knowing this truth you can begin to find God’s will for your life.

Although we are each created in His image we are individually different and called for a different purpose. Not everyone is called to build an orphanage and I am not called to pastor a church. This is where we reflect God. When we seek to do His will we will reflect Him to a world that may never see Him any other way.

We begin by reading the Bible. The Bible has changed the world even for those who do not believe it. The basic laws of all mankind have their roots in His Word. By knowing His Word we will grasp why we are here on this earth. Those roots of knowledge will grow an image to reflect our heavenly Father.