What’s in your wallet?

Another of our very best boys left Casa today after living here most of his life. Edwin is a great young man and will do well.

We are adding an addition to our little clinic to house an optometry program. It is nearly finished.

Dottie cut pears for the children without sponsorships. They love pears.

Pray for Antony’s surgery Monday morning.


Andrew & family



Scammon writes what a monthly bill from God would like

HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY? That is what shows what is in your heart. Appreciation for all that God provides is a rare thing in 2017. We are always complaining that we lack. Your use of money tells others what your desires, values and standards are.

Ben Franklin wrote “He that is of the opinion that money can do anything may well be suspected of doing anything for money”.

What’s in your wallet?