The edge of the bed

It has not rained for a few days so Dottie was able to work all ay in her garden.

The older boys participated in a foot race in San Bartolome and many of them won medals.

Bob cooked Cajun food for the staff & the older children. He fed jambalaya to 120 people.

Jessica left today so we have no visitors on campus.


Two children were playing inside their home while it was raining all around them. They started to play with a Noah’s Ark filled with toy animals. They begged their mother to let them play in the bathtub and she gave permission.

The mother was listening when they spoke of Mt. Ararat where the Ark landed. They placed a sponge in the tub and used that for the mountain. The younger child asked her brother “What did Noah do on Mt. Ararat?” He replied “Noah made an offering to the Lord.

The sister asked, “What can we offer to the Lord?” The brother looked through all of the toy animals and found one without a leg. He said “Here is a three legged camel, we can offer him to the Lord”.

Too many Christians make this type of offering to the Lord. They do not give the best they have to offer. They give the left overs or the things that are not that important.

God wants you and I to give him the best of our time, talent and wealth. Not the leftovers!

Romans 12:1 “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present YOURSELF a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to the Lord which is your reasonable service”.