Our two new nurses in dialysis begin tomorrow. What a great way to begin the new month. My sisters left this morning.

There was a web glitch so you may not have received the update. I lost weeks of updates.


Here are some more suggestions of how to build your spouse’s self-esteem. Sixth, please your spouse. Do things that please them. Let them know by those actions how much you appreciate them. Remember the things you did when you dated and do them again.

Seventh, help them to do what is correct. Build a family atmosphere that enhances obedience. If you are not praying then do not tell them they need to pray. Set the example.

Eighth, encourage your spouse to make godly friends. It is wonderful when we have a member of the same sex that encourages and helps us with the hard times. When we depend only on one another it is difficult to bear up under the pressure.

Ninth, help your spouse keep life manageable. Do not allow your spouse to get over extended. Some people cannot say “No” and this puts extra strain on the home. When you are running to and fro you miss out on the simple daily pleasures.

Finally, the two of you together need a sense of destiny. We are God’s workmanship and we are destined to do great things. But it takes the two of us to seek that destiny and fulfill it to the glory of God.