We have a team coming for one day who will bring 4 dentists, an internist, acupuncture & chiropractor as well as a college group who will have activities for the children. The date is the 14th. Should see a lot of teeth in that one day.

Antony, son of Bubba & Sandra, broke his elbow & needs surgery but his other illnesses will make it dangerous. Please pray.



Stress is a killer we feel we can’t escape. Our days include distressing situations of all kinds. How can we handle stress? Jesus, Himself, experienced stress but He had a plan as to how to handle it.

Dottie was reading scriptures to me this morning and we see that after feeding 5000 Jesus went up a mountain to pray. (Matthew 14:22-23)In fact, we see Christ often going out alone to pray to His Father when He was stressed. Even on the cross that is what He did.

Solitude was one of the major means of handling stress in the life of Jesus. This is not loneliness. This is a choice to isolate with the Father and voluntarily separate from people. Years ago I would go to a place for a day or two where people never knew where I was. I needed isolation.

Why solitude? Stanley says: For a relationship. God created us in His image because He wanted to have a relationship with us for all eternity  Genesis 1:26. You can not have a deep relationship with someone whom you never get alone with.

For preparation. Solitude is also God’s way of preparing us for the day ahead. Those few minutes when you awaken and dress should be followed with Bible reading & prayer. You have no idea what your day will bring but God does. Let Him guide you.

How do we experience solitude?