Our daughter, Tanya, was tested positive for cancer. She will have more tests on Monday. Pray for her please!

We are not sure if we can fly next Tuesday into Houston but that is small compared to what so many people are experiencing. I-10 is closed at the Texas/Louisiana border due to flooding.

Pastor Robb from The Woodlands UMC was scheduled to visit but could not fly out of Houston. It would have been his first trip to see us.



The story is told of two boys at the beginning of the last century who robbed a filling station. They were arrested and the one boy who was wealthy got some high powered lawyers whereas the other boy who was poor and previously arrested and spent two years in prison had to have a court appointed lawyer.

The verdict was that the poor boy would serve 3 years in prison and the rich boy would serve ten years. The lawyers for the rich kid yelled and caused a ruckus and asked the judge why the verdicts were different.

The judge answered, This boy graduated from a prestigious prep school as well as Yale University. He had tremendous opportunities and he chose to sin against the ethics of our country.

This story reminds us of the verse “To whom much is given much is required”. My question is have we sinned against God by not using the opportunities we have had. Think about how God has blessed you and what tremendous opportunities you have had. Now have you given back to God what He has given to you?