The Korean team stayed busy all day with medical checkups including dentists & internists, etc. They also had VBS type activities. It was a good day.

Dottie & I began buying the basic foods for the month we will be gone. We leave in 3 weeks.

Michelle has not been feeling very well the last month.

Karina, one of our former children at Casa, will supervise the girl’s dorm until we have someone permanent.

Today & tomorrow are holidays in the city so Dottie’s eye exams will be on Wednesday.

Please remember to pray for two sets of dorm parents: the baby dorm & the little girls.

Chad & Abbey came & shared their vision with me and it is awesome. They will live near to Casa & minister to teenagers and young adults in the surrounding area. They will also have out- reaches in the community & Bible studies in their home. It will be a blessing to the community.


Lot, the nephew of Abraham, made extremely bad choices causing a kidnapping, a war, death of his wife & incest with his daughters. We can learn a lot by the choice Biblical characters make. From Moses we learn obedience.

From Abraham we learn the importance of faith. From Joseph we learn how God cares for us. From Job we learn the importance of patience and faith in times of adversity. We also learn from Lot. We learn the importance of daily choices.

There are four choices than affect our lives. First, there is the choice of Jesus. If we choose salvation it will determine our eternal destiny & the decisions we make daily. Secondly, there is the choice of career that will determine my future happiness & money-making ability.

Third, there is the choice of our spouse that will affect my emotional well-being and the well being of my children. Finally, there is the choice of friends. How do we make the right choices? Stay tuned.