If I Could Live It Over

Andrew, his wife & 8 children arrived from Canada last night. They drove 9 days. Now that is a desire to get to Casa.

Dr. Herman Alb, a great friend & minister, is ill & in the hospital. Please remember him in your prayers.

Look at that avocado next to an NFL football


If I could live my life again there are things I would do differently in the fatherhood area. Living in Guatemala has meant that my children in the states see Dottie & me only twice a year unless they save money & come visit us here in Guatemala.

I would spend more time with them as my first thing I would do differently. Life flies by so quickly. I have been so busy all of my life.

Second, I would let them see me love Dottie more. I would open doors for her & pull out her chair. I would say “love” words to her in front of the children. Respecting, honoring and loving her would be a major area that I would have done differently when the children were young.

Third, I would try harder to give the children a sense of belonging. Making them feel accepted, loved and worth something is a major gift for children. Nothing apart from Jesus is more important to a child than to know he belongs.

Fourth, I would express my appreciation more. So few children hear words of encouragement. I believe of all the needs of the children in Guatemala this is the greatest need they strive to get met. Life is made up of little things. If you have young children you can begin with these suggestions and have no regrets.