He knows His business

I want to thank all the teams for their cooperation throughout the summer. Sending your money to Lake Charles and allowing us to transfer it to Guatemala saved you from carrying cash down to Casa. I believe that it worked out better than ever before. Thank you.

Mike & Jessica arrived. She is on our board & will be here a few days.

Sebastian went directly to court today because we have a child that the judge is just not helping us with. We are running out of options but Sebastian has a plan.


The story is told of a little child who was talking to his teacher about a flower vine that was blooming on a near-by fence. “How does it know how high to grow before it blooms?” the child asked.

The teacher explained that God had made the plant that way. They talked about other flowers that bloomed when tall and those that bloom while short stemmed. Finally the little boy said, “I guess God knows His business”.

The little boys words are filled with wisdom. God does know His business and He tells the flowers when to bloom. There is a great difference between us and plants. God has given you and I the power to think for ourselves. He has allowed us the freedom of choice.

But God will guide us if we let Him. The trouble is we think we know better than He does what is best for us. Too often we are not willing to admit that “God knows His business”.