Building Blocks #5

Larry & Sue will leave Tuesday and we will miss our 3pm coffee time with them. Old folks need other old folks!

Dottie worked her garden & I worked on finances for when we will be in the states.

Hurricane Harvey will dump a lot of rain on Lake Charles so we are concerned for family and friends.

Angelina passed her orals & graduates in November.



Respect is the ninth building block of marriage. Too many spouses are two-faced. They treat their spouse one way in public and another way in private. I have seen men give so much attention to other women and leave their wives out of the conversation. Paul wrote in Ephesians 4, “Be ye kind, tenderhearted and forgiving”.

I Peter 3 tells husbands to dwell with their wife according to knowledge. This means you must really know your wife and that takes time. Dottie and I try to talk through our feelings and thoughts. A man is to give honor to his wife as the weaker vessel. Regardless of what the world says it is the duty of husbands to protect their wives. It is hard to believe in 2017 but the truth is that wives are the weaker vessel.

Without number 10 my life would not be worth must Number 10 is spiritual companionship. Dottie and I pray nightly that we will finish the race together and strong. We have a goal in mind and that is heaven as our home. Paul says a man is to love his wife as Jesus loved the church.

Marriage is a spiritual partnership. There is a cleansing which takes place in marriage. I am to protect Dottie and cleanse her with the washing of the Word of God. Husbands and wives need to worship together, read the Word together and pray together.