Building Blocks #3

I do not sleep well so today a neurologist who also works with old folk paid me a house call. He does not want me taking sleep medication so he prescribed something else. Pray with me that it will work.

We received a $1000 gift & a $500 gift for the pastor’s home so we can start.


De Hann says that the fifth building block is love. Love is honoring one another, esteeming one another, considering the welfare of one another and staying side by side through all of the good times as well as the bad times.

The husband is told by God in Colossians 3:19 & Ephesians 5:25 to love their wife. Although the wife is never told that she must love her husband it is expected s seen in Timothy 2:4 where the older women are told to teach the younger women to love their husbands.

Love throughout the years does not happen automatically. It takes a lot of work to love another. Love has much more depth than what we feel when we are courting or even in the first years of marriage. I Corinthians 13 says what our love should become. Paul tells us love is enduring, kind, not jeaous, not proud, doesn’t keep records and much more.

The I Corinthians 13 love will change your life.

Mutual submission is the sixth building block in marriage. Ephesians 5 says that we are to submit to one another. Submission and love go together. How do we know Jesus loves us? Because He went to the cross! If you love you will submit in humility and you will begin to slowly let go of your own life. You will trust one another. If I have the mind of Christ I can submit to Dottie just as she submits to me.

I do not have to lord over her to prove anything.

Marriage is give and take, not just take. It is being a servant. My home is not my castle where everything must revolve around me.