Billy who was raised at Casa & left a few years ago runs from Peronia which is over 15 miles from here to attend church with us on Sundays.

The NY team took the university students on a special outing.


Ted Springer, a former professional baseball umpire once made the comment, “Life is a lot like a baseball game. It has its start and its excitement, its lively and its dull moments, and it has its finish. Sometimes a game is called off unexpectedly because of a sudden storm. Sometimes it lasts the normal nine innings and sometimes it runs a little extra, but every game comes to an end.”

Death is a door into eternity. All of us will pass through it. It may be something we are expecting or something we are not expecting. Jesus will not desert us at death. He will welcome us.

As I watched Jose’ yesterday I looked at his swollen coma-like body with tubes all over him & I thought, “How marvelous is our God. This child is also a child of God and death will have no victory”. The truth is the devil always things he wins at death. But when a Christian dies Satan has lost still another battle.