The seniors presented a program on nutrition & health. The Director of Education for the state of Sacatepequez attended. Professor Byron did a great job & the students were very well prepared to speak publically. Billy has done an awesome job with the chool.

Professor Albert has been at Casa 15 years & when Jacobo & Tony graduate in November Albert will have presented them his diploma for kindergarten, Junior High & High school.

Our high school also participated in a basketball tournament.


Tony’s breakfast presentation

Savant says that there are 7 sacred virtues.

  1. Having HUMILITY instead of PRIDE. The humility to know that we are not alone in the world! Everything we do has an affect on someone else. The way I drive affects those on the road with me. The tone of voice affects the listeners.
  2. Having GENEROSITY instead of COVETOUNESS. The generosity to allow others to have what they deserve. I do not have to have the best or to be the best. I can spread the headlines with others.
  3. Having RESTRAINT instead of LUST. The restraint to control our most passionate impulses. Self-control! Not everything belongs to me.
  4. Having KINDNESS instead of Anger. The kindness to tolerate the mistakes of others. This is a tough one for me. Controlling my tongue and emotions has not been my strong suit.
  5. Having MODERATION instead of Gluttony. The moderation to satisfy ourselves with the necessities. This is not only referring to food. We can over do it on work, play, size, etc.
  6. Having CHARITY instead of ENVY. The charity to help others who cannot help themselves. You and I need to help others. It is as simple as that.
  7. Having DILIGENCE instead of SLOTH. Make yourself useful in this world. Laziness is a major sin.