We dedicated Talen & Ingrid’s third son. They grew up here & at one time were house parents. I am proud of the marriage they have.


Talen & Ingrid dedicating the newest of 3 sons

Loving God with our heart not only means we treasure Him above all else. It means we have a passion. You will have a passion for service. Your life will not be centered upon yourself. You will take every opportunity to share the love of God and minister to others by sharing your testimony.

You will have a passion for care. It is incredible how many hurting people there are in the world. Katerine is doing her practicum in a government day school and with teary eyes she was relating to me how many babies are there who are filthy. There is sand in their noses and they look as though they never bathed.

The compassion she has is because of a passion for people. Jesus washed the feet of the disciples because He cared. His love for others should be manifested in our lives. If I am too good to wash another’s feet then I am missing out of what I was spiritually born to do.