16th: Maiya, Rosemary, was adopted from Casa when she was a teen & arrived to stay three weeks with us as she is now a teenager. These visits bless Dottie & me so much.

Serving ice cream to Los CometasJeremiah 9:23-24 informs us that we are not to boast in our wisdom, strength or riches but that we are to boast only that we understand and know God. I Corinthians 13:4 says, “Charity vaunteth not itself”. That simply means we are not boastful.

We have a tendency to brag or boast about what we have done or about what we possess. The word boast means a bloated windbag. I am guilty of the sin of bragging or boasting. When talking becomes about what I have done rather than what God has done it is the sin of boastfulness meaning I am not loving.

The opposite of boasting is humility. It is God who provides for Casa not me. It is God who has brought the children through their pain and suffering not me. I cannot receive any credit.

Just as a scapel does not perform miracle operations unless it is in the hand of a marvelous surgeon neither is Mike Clark a miracle instrument. If I allow myself to be an instrument in the Master’s hand then and only then will the operation be successful.

Any success we you and I have had is due to Him and Him alone.