Dicson & Luis qualified in the state academic olympics to go to the second round.We are so proud of them.

The government is moving children so frequently now. We are down over 20% from last year. I pray that I can raise them long enough to educate them & share the love of God.

Teams arrived from Va.& NC & Illinois & NJ. Some went to distribute beans & rice and minister in a village. They will work on the plumbing for Casa for Antoni.

We had a lightening strike that burned up Ton’s monitors, his TV and my computer router. It was the loudest noise I have heard in Guatemala. Even louder than the baby dorm.

Veronica has been here 27 years & today she left to live with her mother and brother, Manolo.


Paul says that we are to submit to one another in our marriages. We are to do it out of reverence for Christ. (Ephesians 5:21) This means both ways. Husbands submit to wives and wives submit to husbands. I cannot insist on having my way all the time and neither can Dottie.

The wife submits by respecting and obeying her husband (in anything not contrary to the Word of God). The husband submits loving his wife as Jesus loves the church. This type of love is sacrificial. Submission is necessary for order and stability in marriage.

Men try to hide their insecurities but men need to realize that your wife knows your weak points and she loves you anyway. I need to rely on Dottie to help me with those weaker areas in my life. Pride is what keeps either the husband or the wife from submission.

Wives need to realize that God made man the head of the home. It is not because he is superior but rather it is due to the truth that God has given him this responsibility.