We had a major water pipe problem & although it took a few hours Adam fixed I with a little bit of help.

Angie’s father lives in Escatawpa, Mississippi & has 8 suitcases for Casa. He can meet you half way to your home. He will pay the airplane cost of extra bags. If you can help email Angie. (or Debbie).



Did you know that it is possible for a family member to have sincere love for another family member and not be able to show it? My mother loved me but she had a hard time saying those three words.

There are many reasons I suppose. Maybe they are embarrassed and do not want to look foolish. Maybe they do not want to be rejected. Maybe they are afraid of being used.

The truth is not saying, “I love you” probably means you are self-centered. The husband is afraid to over demonstrate his feelings for fear of rejection. The wife worries about the future. She wonders what if she centers her life on her husband and he dies.

A love relationship with anyone always has the possibilities of grief and separation. My first break-up as a teenager was heart wrenching. Love and suffering often go hand-in-hand. Children I have poured my life into at Casa have left and disappointed me.

Is the reward of totally loving worth the risk? Yes, it most certainly is!