More kids were sent home. This is a huge spiritual battle right now. Of course we know  who will win the battle.

We are about to have a week’s lull as the Arkansas and NC teams are leaving soon.

Another large team from Texas comes next week. So much has been accomplished.

Bob returned for the states and Larry & Sue arrived for a couple of months. They will watch over the Los Cometas while Walt & Randi go home for 4 weeks.

Maiya (Rosemary) with her two dads. I am so blessed.

Where was it that Jesus sweat great drops of blood? It was not in Pilate’s Hall nor on his way to Golgotha. It was in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus walked to the cross with courage and his three friends fell apart and fell away.

The disciples in Luke 11 asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. They did not say “Lord, teach us to preach” or “Lord, teach us to work miracles. But they did say “Teach us to pray”.

He first tells them to call God their Father. We begin prayer by talking to the Father about the Father. His person (Hallowed be thy name); His program (Your kingdom come) and His purpose (Your will be done).

Then we speak to the Father about the family. The children need provision (Give us this day our daily bread; the children’s need of pardon (Forgive us our sins); and the children’s need of protection (Do not lead us into temptation).

The drops of blood in the garden were because He was fighting for His family and also because He was separating from His Father. This is the greatest outline of prayer ever recorded in human history.