Parents need to respect their children

The gist of Saturday’s meeting was the government wants to close all homes because of  the fire at the government home. They will not send children ages 0-6 to homes & they will  try to move a child back to their family within 6 – 12 months. Very depressing! But you now know  how to pray.

We need you to be praying for to have a couple for the baby dorm in November. It could be a little as 1 year if you would be free to give one year to missions.

State Director of Education speking to our junior and senior high students.


Hutchcraft teaches that parents should teach respect to their children. How?

  1. Accept your child. Respect his developmental ability. Never compare him to someone else. Younger siblings have often turned to drugs or alcohol or even gangs because they are not judged there.
  2. Accept and allow your child’s feelings, even anger. Remember your child has a right to feel his feelings. I was having trouble with my older son when he was a senior and he walked out of the house. I followed and forced him to tell me why has acting as he was. He said you are my father, my pastor, my principal, my coach and my teacher. I cannot get away from you. I understood then that I had overwhelmed him and he needed a break from me.
  3. Share your own feelings with your child. You need to do this without yelling and not blaming him for your attitude.
  4. Do not expect more o your child than you do of yourself. There is no doubt that some of the negative traits in my children I had sown them because I was unable to control those areas in my own life.
  5. Show patience with problems. Things will not get better overnight. When any of us are making character changes if is imperative to realize there will ne hills and slump.