Parents need to respct their children #2

Vanessa has been asked by her college professor to live with her and do a 4 month practice in various special education schools. This is a high honor although she and Josue’ will be separated for most of those 4 months.

Walt & Randi left today while Adam & Vilma left last Sunday for a visit to the USA.

One of our younger girls had an emergency appendectomy.

Candy is returning tomorrow to meet with CNA with Lee & Anda. I am expecting great news about her adoption. Pray for the Friday meeting.


  1. Discipline in private. It is so demeaning to a child to be disciplined publically. Publically could be in front of his siblings or in front of his friends. My dad did not spank me but a couple of times but they were always out of ear shout of my sisters and brothers.
  2. Do not complain about your child or about the burdens of parenting. He should never feel the weight of guilt for having been born. No matter how difficult it is never use words that make him carry the burden of the problem alone.
  3. Show an interest in his friends. Invite his friends over for meals, parties, sleep overs, etc. My parents were wise. They hosted parties as simple as a card playing night for the teens. They made me want to bring my friends around. In fact there was a certain pride that I possessed because my friends felt comfortable visiting with my parents.
  4. Respect your child’s need for privacy. Of course, I was a teenager in the days of rock and roll. Seven to ten couples could always end up at my house on a Friday night for snacks & even some dancing. My parents never “looked in” on us and there was never any hanky-panky going on because they trusted us.

You have your children for such a short time. Respect that fact! Make them want to come home!