Measurement of leaders

What a great privilege to have had my family in the congregation today. Four of the five had never heard me preach.They leave for Louisiana tomorrow morning.

Today was visiting day and the Texas team helped us by playing with the children who did not receive a visit. That always helps the children who feel as though no one wants to see them. Unfortunantly it rained during visitation which makes it hard on the parents & children to visit and play.

The university teacher who will have Vanessa live with her and her husband for 4 months came to meet us. This is real opportunity for Vanessa.

Face and nail painting are always favorites


When Samuel was sent to anoint the king of Israel he learned that God’s measure of a person was different than mans. We often measure Christians by church attendance, their participation in church related programs such as VBS, Sunday School, choir, retreats and the like.

Maybe we measure them by leadership ability such as music leader, SS teacher, preaching, preparing communion table, etc.

The problem is this is the outside of man. He can do all these things and be destitute inside his heart. A preacher must have the personal life to back up his sermons. Are they quick to anger? What about their children? Is their conduct portraying the love and power of Christ?

God emphasizes the inner man. Has there been a true transformation in the man’s character after salvation? It is easy to put on a mask or a front around others. But the Lord sees us as we actually are. We cannot judge others. We need to apply the judgment to our own lives. I have too much negative within me to have time to judge you.